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You've never left the wizard academy before...

Scrabdackle is a top-down action/adventure game about a novice wizard getting to know their own strange world for the first time, inspired by games like Link's Awakening, An Untitled Story, and Hollow Knight.

...what's the world like out there?

You'll meet quirky characters both supportive and sardonic, master new spells, study the world's creatures and secrets, and overcome challenging bosses by learning their tells.

With exitable conversations and non-linear exploration, the player is always in control.

When is the full game releasing?

Scrabdackle is drawn, programmed, scored, and designed by one developer (that's me!). The game was funded on Kickstarter in early 2021, and I've had a publisher since 2022, but the one thing I don't have enough of is time.

I've been working full-time on the game for a few years now, but there's a ways to go still. I've got big plans for Scrabdackle, and if you're interested, I'd love to invite you to the Scrabdackle Discord server to hear more about what's being worked on and hang out with the community!
Find in-depth devlogs on the Scrabdackle Youtube channel!

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Scrabdackle is published by Fellow Traveller.
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